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Raspberry Pi Camera

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Due to supply chain issues, we are currently unable to source Raspberry Pi boards for this kit.  If you would like to be notified when this kit is available again, or to be a part of prototyping an alternative kit, please contact us here 

We're now offering this widely used mini camera-and-computer in a tiny box (the "Zero W" model) with a pre-flashed SD card that turns this into a ready-to-use WiFi-enabled camera. Just plug it in using a Micro USB cable (or battery pack) then log onto the WiFi network "00-PiCamera" from your phone or laptop. With this tool you can stream video, capture photos, record timelapses and perform motion triggered capture as well. Available assembled or DIY.

We encourage all of our customers to share their work, ask questions, make suggestions, and join the community at!

Each kit includes:

  • a micro-SD card
  • a Raspberry Pi Zero W kit
  • a 5MP Pi v1 camera
  • a power cable
  • Add on a lightweight battery pack for portable power!  

Interested in multispectral imaging? Be sure to check out the IR filter version with a NoIR Camera here, great for vegetation monitoring. 

Planning to order five or more? Please contact us for bulk pricing.