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Pole Mapping Kit

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Enter the world of Pole aerial photography with a stacking carbon fiber pole kit. 

As opposed to a telescoping pole, this design will not collapse when in a vertical position, and is therefore ideal for aerial photo applications. You can get your point-and-shoot camera to a height of 30+ feet! 

This kit includes:

  • one Ron Thompson Carp Gangster Pole
  • mounting hardware with nuts and bolts
  • rigid PVC sleeve
  • rubber stripping
  • universal tripod ball mount

Uses include not only aerial mapping, but also:

  • stunning event photography, such as group photos and weddings
  • real estate and location photography
  • gutter and roof inspection
  • any instance where you want the vantage of a drone, but the quality of a full-fledged camera

You can find an activity with assembly instructions here 

"Carp poles are a fantastic platform due to their amazing weight characteristics given the altitude that can be achieved. I would highly recommend this form of aerial photography to those who are looking for a very accessible method and do not need extremely wide area coverage. It is also a lot of fun to play around with these things and the direct connection that you have of the imaging system is unequaled by other aerial techniques." -Ecta64 via Public Lab Research Note



Unfortunately, Pole Kits are too large to ship to many countries.

International customers please message before purchase to confirm that we can ship to your country; or be prepared for a refund in the event that your local postal service does not accept such large packages.

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