Mobius ActionCam
Mobius Camera Kit with all parts and A-Model Lens Installed
Mobius ActionCam
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Mobius ActionCam

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 We are proud to offer the Mobius ActionCam sports camera, for use in your aerial photography projects, and for any other application you dream up.

These versatile and lightweight cameras capture 1080 Full HD video, and are fully configurable via the easy-to-edit config file.

We offer both the standard Model-A Lens, with its 87-degree field of view, and a custom, 6mm lens which offers a flatter image, more suitable for aerial mapping purposes.

You can purchase a kit with either lens, or add additional lenses so you can experiment with mixing them up.

Our kits ship with an 8GB SD card, a mounting base with standard tripod thread, USB cable, hook-and-loop (don't call it Velcro™) adhesive.

We preinstall the latest firmware, and a customized configuration that makes this ready for aerial photography out of the box. Specifically, we modify it to turn on in still photo mode, ready to take full resolution images on a timer, every 5 seconds, with a single button press.