Mini Pearl Pro Logger Kit from KAPtery
Mini Pearl Pro Logger Kit from KAPtery
Mini Pearl Pro Logger Kit from KAPtery
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Mini Pearl Pro Logger Kit from KAPtery

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The parts in this kit can be soldered together to make a data logger which will log environmental data unattended for many months. Three AA batteries (not included) power a TPL5110 timer which turns the Arduino Pro Mini on for only the few seconds needed to read a sensor (not included) and save data to a microSD card.

This data logger kit includes a kit for an external TPL5110 timer. The timer supplies power to the data logger only at a specified interval so the logger uses zero power between logging events. This allows the logger to continue operation unattended for several months on small batteries.

A data logging interval between less than one second and two hours can be set by selecting a resistor to include while building the timer.  Eight resistors are included.

This kit does not include any sensors other than the temperature sensor built into the real time clock, but others may be added. 

The Arduino Pro Mini does not have a USB port, so programming the Arduino requires an FTDI USB to serial adapter or cable which is not included in the kit.

This kit does not include step by step instructions for assembly. A quick start guide, assembly suggestions, and a starter sketch can be downloaded here . This research note describes the assembly process. The wiring diagram is your primary guide to assembly. If you have any questions check these research notes and leave comments or visit Public Lab's Q/A page here.

Included parts:

  • Arduino Pro Mini compatible microcontroller (3.3v)
  • Log-a-Long Timer Kit
  • Eight resistors to set the logging interval between 2 to 110 minutes
  • 3.3v MicroSD card board
  • 256MB to 1GB microSD card
  • Real time clock (DS3231) board
  • CR2032 coin cell battery for RTC
  • Case for three AA batteries (has switch and leads)
  • Loose headers for PCBs (not required)
  • A bunch of 24AWG stranded wire of different colors
  • Custom 3D printed mounting plate

You will need:

  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • wire cutter/stripper
  • heat shrink tubing (optional)
  • connectors (optional)
  • microSD card reader
  • sensors
  • cables for sensors
  • UART adapter for programming
  • weatherproof enclosure for field use
  • batteries