Cell Phone Microscope Prototyping Kit
Cell Phone Microscope Prototyping Kit
Cell Phone Microscope Prototyping Kit
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Cell Phone Microscope Prototyping Kit

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This microscope is similar to our webcam and Raspberry Pi microscopes, but utilizes your cell phone camera instead of a USB or wifi connection to another computer. 

Once you've focused on a sample by adjusting the distance between the top two platforms, you can use your phone's zoom function to increase magnification without further adjusting the focus.

Included in this kit:

  • 3x acrylic platforms
  • Your choice of lens
  • 4x 4" bolts
  • 16x wingnuts
  • 4x rubber bands
  • 1 slide carrier

The dimensions of the platform are 5"x8.5", with centered lenses, This should accommodate *most* sizes of phones, including ones with camera lenses located in the corner. Please take a look at the layout image below for exact measurements. 

Three stages are provided: the top stage can hold three lenses: two kinds of action-cam / cctv lenses (similar to the ones in the webcam kits) and one laser columniation lens. It has six holes for bolts so that a user can experiment with three and four bolt configurations based on which lenses they are using and what method they prefer to use for focusing. 

The middle stage has a hole cut so that it can be used with the USB webcam or Raspberry Pi camera by removing the top stage.