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Babylegs Aquatic Trawl

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BabyLegs is a data collection tool for monitoring pollution in water. BabyLegs works by “trawling,” or pulling a flotation device with a fine-knit net attached through surface water to collect tiny particles like plant and animal matter, as well as microplastics and other pollutants. This tool can be used to survey the biological composition of your local waterways, or collect a sample of microplastics and nurdles for analysis and identification

Originally designed by Dr. Max Liboiron at the activist science laboratory CLEAR for sampling in remote parts of Canada, BabyLegs is specifically built with items easily found in rural communities. We encourage you to employ any hacks, replacements, and innovations needed for this product to suit your site specific needs, and we hope that you will document and share your improvements at!

This kit includes everything that you need to build your own BabyLegs, except for the plastic bottles (Bottles for flotation can be sourced locally from your own recycling bin). Included in your kit will be:

  • three pairs of children's nylon tights
  • a hose clamp
  • marine environment rope
  • large zip ties
  • two sample containers 


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