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Spectrometry Slit Upgrade Pack

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Upgrade Pack
This is a bundle of variants to the .9mm slit found in our spectrometry kits. These collimation slits provide a very clean beam of light through varying sizes of slits. They are made with silver nitrate photo emulsion on thin, flexible acetate. Packs of 2 each of the .09mm, and 18mm, slits.

We want your feedback! If your project requires a certain size, or if you would like to share with us which sizes you'd like to see in the store and why, please leave us a comment here.

Why would you want these? Well, the short answer is that if you have enough light available, you can use a smaller slit to get higher resolution. A wider slit increases sensitivity by admitting more light, but lowers resolution because spectral lines will be more blurred. Choosing a slit is a balance between these, but if you can increase the light available, you can typically use a narrower slit and get good resolution without losing signal strength.

We make this range of apertures available to allow you to experiment and find the optimal size for your application.  Make sure to handle with gloves as hand oils will affect your spectroscopy.