Simple Air Quality Sensor
Simple Air Quality Sensor
Simple Air Quality Sensor
Simple Air Quality Sensor
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Simple Air Quality Sensor

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It uses a Plantower particulate sensor for 1, 2.5, and 10 micron dust. A pre-programmed Arduino with a colored light that changes based on the level of PM 2.5 it detects. Plug into your computer to read all three particle sizes.

Included in kit:

  • PlanTower Dust Sensor
  • Arduino with USB cable
  • LED Light
  • Small Breadboard

Additional items:

  • Humidity Monitor
  • Buy pre-assembled for an extra charge



This is a Prototyping Kit: Prototyping Kits offered by the Public Lab Kits Initiative are in-development kits which we send out for people to help prototype and experiment with, in order to refine and improve them. These help support the development of new techniques for monitoring environmental problems. We call these Prototyping Kits and they come with a list of challenges and problems to solve.
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