Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
Riffle Datalogger
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Riffle Datalogger

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The Riffle Datalogger is an open source water monitoring approach. You can read more about it on our wiki

   - Designed with water quality monitoring in mind

    - Fits into a standard 500 mL plastic water bottle for a watertight enclosure

    - Compatible with Arduino Programming Interface

    - Interface with 1-wire, i2c, or Analog-to-Digital sensors

   -  Writes data to microSD card

    - Supports rechargeable Lithium Ion battery charging

    - Long battery life for multi-week deployment

    - Real time clock with built in temperature sensor

    - See wiki/riffle for more information. https://i.publiclab.org/wiki/riffle


The Riffle can be purchased by itself, or you can purchase the necessary accessories here. If you choose to purchase it by itself then it will require you to:

install a bootloader using a Sparkfun programmer cable,

purchase a microSD card,

a USB-to-MicroUSB cable,

a li-ion battery (note: international customers must buy their own batteries no matter what, as lithium ion batteries cannot be shipped via airmail).

a CR1220 clock battery