Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue #3
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Grassroots Mapping Forum Issue #3

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Issue #3 (spring 2013) features:

  • A full color, wall-ready map of downtown Oakland and of UC Davis during the Occupy protests with notes from the cartographer and mappers
  • An interview with citizen scientist organizer Cindy Regalado (Shannon Dosemagen)
  • Protest Mapping (Oscar Brett)
  • Organizing Public Lab (Shannon Dosemagen)
  • Open Sourcing Jerusalem? (Hagit Keysar)
  • Barnstars!  (Liz Barry)
  • Civic and Citizen Science: the Cocodrie Barnraising heats up (dialog from the Public Lab 2012 Barnraising)
  • ...and quick, fun activities you can do to help Grassroots Mapping!
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