Mini Kite Mapping Kit
Mini Kite Mapping Kit
Mini Kite Mapping Kit
Mini Kite Mapping Kit
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Mini Kite Mapping Kit

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The mini kite kit is similar to the mini balloon kit, but ships with a large “octopus” kite (some say it's a squid!) that’s a beautiful and stable flyer in medium winds, and packs down into a small nylon bag for easy travel. It won’t fly in as light wind conditions, or carry as much as our full-size Kite Mapping Pack, but you can throw it in your backpack or in a Public Lab tote, and honestly the octopus is just a lot of fun to fly.

This kit comes with:

  • 1000 feet of 50 lb string
  • 1 large "octopus" kite
  • canvas gloves
  • rubber bands, zip-ties, and a carabiner

You add:

But there are remaining questions and refinements to make on this kit -- that’s why we’re calling it a Prototyping Kit -- and, just like the original Balloon Mapping Kit, we’re going to collaboratively work on these issues by sharing knowledge on the Public Lab website

To get involved, check out these Mini Kite Kit Activities, ask and answer Questions, and add your own stories here.