Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

This is the Public Lab collection of low cost aerial mapping and aerial photography products. We have kits, camera mounting rigs, and accessories.

If you are looking for a low cost aerial mapping kit, pair your own camera with one of our balloon (low wind) or kite (medium or high wind) mapping kits. If you want a single kit that has everything you need to begin mapping right away (including a camera) check out the DIY Mini Kite Kit. 

Our Pole Kit can be used in any and all wind conditions!

If you already have a way to get up in the sky but want a secure way to keep your camera where you'd like it, check out our supply of aerial camera rigs; we have even more in our collection dedicated specifically to them.


Also, if you'd like an indivdual accessory or component from any of the aforementioned kits, you can find it here.


Coroplast Sheet

On Sale from $3.00