Raspberry Pi Camera
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Raspberry Pi Camera

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We're now offering this widely used mini camera-and-computer in a tiny box (the "Zero W" model) with a pre-flashed SD card that turns this into a ready-to-use WiFi enabled camera.

(Pictured with a Raspberry Pi NoIR camera, not yet shipping - regular v1 camera only for now)

Just plug it in using a Micro USB cable (or battery pack) and it'll create a WiFi network called "00PiCamera" -- password "publiclab" -- which you can log into from your phone or laptop. You'll quickly see streaming video, be able to take photos, timelapses, or videos, do motion triggered capture, and more. 

See the Pi Camera page for more!

Buy this kit and assemble the parts yourself (pretty easy) or pay a bit more to get it pre-assembled (coming soon).

Includes SD card, (version 1) 5MP camera and power cable but no battery (yet).