Lego Spectrometer Kit
Lego Spectrometer Kit
Lego Spectrometer Kit
Lego Spectrometer Kit
Lego Spectrometer Kit
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Lego Spectrometer Kit


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This is the latest version of Public Lab's DIY Desktop Spectrometry Kit -- the Lego Spectrometer. It addresses issues of rigidity, sourcing, modularity, and image quality over previous versions.
To learn more about this kit, see the Lego Spectrometer page on and see the assembly instructions here.
We've been making and distributing Do-It-Yourself spectrometers since 2011, and have been through 4 major kit versions and hundreds of different community contributed modifications, new versions, changes, and more. 
The kit comes in four variants:
  1. Just the kit without camera or Raspberry Pi
  2. With a basic webcam
  3. With a Raspberry Pi v1 camera (no Rapberry Pi)
  4. With camera and a Raspberry Pi Zero W
  5. With NoIR camera and a Raspberry Pi Zero W
Each kit includes:
  • Lego parts for the enclosure
  • 2 cuvettes
  • a printed slit for collimating the light
  • a DVD for the diffraction grating
  • a black card to use as a light-proof liner
  • double-sided tape to mount the camera
  • adapter ribbon cable for Pi Camera (3rd variant only)
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