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Smartphone Spectrometer Kit

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This injection molded, rigid plastic prototype device -- which you assemble from our kit -- attaches to your smartphone or smartphone case with adhesive, and is perfect for taking outside for in-the-field measurements of different materials. Follow the included instructions (and/or 3d print your own from the plans provided there) and scan liquids, gases, or lights using the free, open source web-based software at

Spectrometry is a powerful technique for analyzing materials, and our open community of DIY environmental researchers has collaborated since 2010 to design, improve, and refine these affordable tools. Build one yourself and join us today!

Compared to the papercraft Foldable Mini-Spectrometer, this kit offers a much higher precision, more field-ready ruggedness, and a strong frame to attach extensions and expansions, which will be shared on the website. While the mobile interface is not yet as robust as the desktop edition, you can still do most of your analysis on the desktop after capture!

The Smartphone Spectrometer fits most smartphones, including Android and iOS devices; by adhering to the back of your phone with removable adhesive, or better yet, permanently attaching to a phone case. On Chrome and Opera for Android, you can do "live mode" using the live video feed from your phone's camera. While iOS does not yet have support for the HTML5 webcam API, iPhones and many other phones can be used to photograph spectra (which is higher resolution than live video) for upload and analysis. 

For a more robust, less compact tool, try the $40 Desktop Spectrometry Kit, which plugs into your computer with a USB cable, or for a more affordable tool, the $10 papercraft Foldable Mini-Spectrometer.

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5th Anniversary Sale!

Public Lab is turning 5 years old this month. It all started with mapping of the Gulf Oil spill in 2010 which brought a community together and marked the beginning of a new era of community science for environmental justice. For the month of April all mapping kits are on sale! New 5th Anniversary GMF now available for purchase.

New Kits: WheeStats, Pole Mapping and more!

Finally, the biggest selfie pole you'll ever need! (doubles as a drone swatter). Now in stock under Pole Mapping. Also, don't miss out on the WheeStat Exclusively available through Public Lab. This is a potentiostat for measuring concentrations of metal in your water. Also coming soon, the MultispeQ, a device for assessing plant health. Beta kits now shipping if you are on the list. Finally, 3d printed aerial mapping rigs from Chris at the KAPtery. Read more about incubated projects here

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