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Infragram DIY Filter Pack


A piece of "infrablue" filter which you can use to turn your webcam or cheap point-and-shoot into an infrared/visible compositing "multispectral" camera. The filter allows you to take an infrared photo in the "red" channel of your camera, and a visible image in the "blue" channel. These can be used to measure photosynthetic activity; read more about the technique at and

Post-process your photos at , the free and open source image processing website which composites your images and helps you to assess plant health. See some example images at left.


Installing your filter:

Be aware that this is a relatively permanent change to your camera -- you may not want to convert your expensive DSLR, for example! We've also found that not every webcam will produce good infrablue images -- while all the legit point & shoot cameras are fine, we're keeping track of which webcams do and don't work well on this page:  (if you're doing your own experiments, as many already are, please add your findings there!)


(The lens assembly removed and the infrared-blocking filter being extracted. Typically the IR filter that needs to be removed is glued to the backside of the lens assembly.)

Get involved in the process today by signing up on our "plots-infrared" discussion list:

End of the Year Close Out/Holiday Sale

Now until New Year's day Balloon Mapping Kits for $80,Smart Phone Spectrometers for $40, Blue IR Filter Kits for $5, Foldable Mini-Spectrometers for $5. We are planning a relaunch of these kits for the new year and all current inventory must go!

Beta Testers wanted: Oil Testing Kit

We are introducing a new kit for identifying the source of oil pollution, using simple open source hardware tools -- a Blu-Ray laser and a fold-up cardboard spectrometer. Calling for beta testers to join the project through our Presale offer in store, in order to solve key remaining challenges in the open source technique. Worried about crude or motor oil spills near your home? Investigate them yourself!

New! Community-led Kits collection

The WheeStat is now available through Public Lab. It is a potentiostat used for measuring concentrations of metal in your water, and is part of a new and growing addition to the Public Lab suite of tools. Community-led kits are developed by members outside of Public Lab staff, and incubated through our Kits Initiative. Read more about incubated projects here

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