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Foldable Mini-Spectrometer

The Public Lab Foldable Mini-Spectrometer folds up in minutes to transform your smartphone into a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer. 

This kit comes laser-cut from thick, light-blocking black card stock and includes a DVD (used as a diffraction grating), along with complete instructions for assembly (and downloadable design files), attachment to your phone or webcam, and calibration to take and share accurate spectra through Spectral Workbench. Just add glue or tape!

For a more rigid, robust tool, try the Desktop Spectrometry Kit, which plugs into your computer with a USB cable, or the Smartphone Spectrometer, which is made from rigid, injection-molded plastic (perfect for carrying around in your backpack!).

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