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Desktop Spectrometry Kit


Desktop Spectrometry Kit are in!!!

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Now shipping! The Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit includes all the parts for a compact, simple, yet powerful experimental tool -- a visible/near-infrared spectrometer, also known as a spectroscope or spectrophotometer. In less than 30 minutes of assembly, you can plug it into your computer with a USB cable and begin using the software and website to collect spectra -- the "fingerprint" of a material. The kit includes:

  • a diffraction grating (a slice of a DVD-R)
  • a piece of black card paper from which to cut your aperture slit
  • a small HD webcam and USB cable
  • an aluminum Type LB conduit enclosure
  • a strip of double-sided foam adhesive for mounting your webcam
  • instructions and a copy of the CERN Open Hardware License

Developed by Public Lab contributors, this open source instrument is capable of better than 3 nanometer spectral resolution and can record light from ~390 to ~900nm. Though experimental, this tool has already been used to collect spectral data on contaminated water, laundry detergent, wines, and fishtank lights. You can help to improve it and find new applications!

For a smaller, cheaper spectrometer you can fold out of black card paper and attach to your smartphone, see the Foldable Mini-Spectrometer!

Actual webcam model may vary, but will be 1280x720. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping. All Public Lab content is CC-BY-SA and CERN OHL 1.1


End of the Year Close Out/Holiday Sale

Now until New Year's day Balloon Mapping Kits for $80,Smart Phone Spectrometers for $40, Blue IR Filter Kits for $5, Foldable Mini-Spectrometers for $5. We are planning a relaunch of these kits for the new year and all current inventory must go!

Beta Testers wanted: Oil Testing Kit

We are introducing a new kit for identifying the source of oil pollution, using simple open source hardware tools -- a Blu-Ray laser and a fold-up cardboard spectrometer. Calling for beta testers to join the project through our Presale offer in store, in order to solve key remaining challenges in the open source technique. Worried about crude or motor oil spills near your home? Investigate them yourself!

New! Community-led Kits collection

The WheeStat is now available through Public Lab. It is a potentiostat used for measuring concentrations of metal in your water, and is part of a new and growing addition to the Public Lab suite of tools. Community-led kits are developed by members outside of Public Lab staff, and incubated through our Kits Initiative. Read more about incubated projects here

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